Monday, 24 March 2014

God's Cricket Chorus

I haven't updated this blog in a while and if you have come here seeking inspiration or just comfort, I apologise for that. Life got in the way over and over, but really, there's no excuse for not updating a happy blog, is there?

I am writing this on my new MacBook Pro that I bought a few weeks ago but have been so frightened to use because...well, because I thought I was too dumb to do it. And then I opened it up today, waiting for a friend to Skype me, and c'est voila.

I decided to update this blog because while searching for his Skype address (no, I still haven't found it) I found an old message of his that led me to this blog and one of the posts - Love Letters to Strangers. I watched it and felt myself tear up.

Seriously, isn't this a wonderful blog? Although I compiled it myself I can come here after a break of so long and be surprised and touched anew.

Anyway, one of my friends posted this on Facebook last year and I simply loved it - the sound of crickets slowed down until their brief lives seem as long as human lives. And this heavenly chorus that resulted was...well, it blew my mind. I had intended to put this up on Jan 1. Instead, it's March 24, quarter way (or is it a third of the way) through Lent. Well, March 24 is as good as Jan 1.

So listen and enjoy.