Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Christmas Memory (the movie)

And now you've read the story, perhaps you might like to see the movie. I've watched this over and over again. There is a longing there, which appeals to me. A hearkening back to a sweeter simpler time before the world became so painful and complicated. Two children lying in the meadow, watching their kites strain against the wind. You have the moment as it is. You have the foreshadowing of what eventually happens to the two children. Which makes the whole story that much more poignant.

Christmas is a time I hearken back to simpler times. It's a time when I long for joys lost, before I hardened my heart and gloried in the hardening. It's hearkening back to a time when pretty wrapping paper was enough to make us happy and the licking of bowls full of the stuff of chocolate cakes, many memories.

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