Monday, 4 January 2016

Week 52: Complete Multiple Acts of Service

As a final exercise, I offer you this one, designed to have you mindfully engage in multiple acts of service this week. Start this right away and make it a serious practice throughout the week. These do not have to be big at all.

By now, I hope you see that opportunities to do something kind, nice, generous and thoughtful are readily available to us. Complete some for family, for friends, for strangers. Perform them spontaneously and plan some in advance.

The key thing here, the absolutely most important thing, is that you perform these acts for the reward you get doing them, not as a down payment on future favors you expect to be performed for you.

As a final journal exercise, go back and read your entire journal with a highlighter pen in hand. Highlight the actions, thoughts, and expressions that stand out for you now. Review these regularly in the next 52 weeks, and for each 52 weeks that follow.

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