Thursday, 28 May 2015

Doing the needful

On Saturday I took the girl dog whom I have since named Sylvie to the vet. I had confined her in the compound at first, because she was driving the males crazy and I could see from all the spunk on her coat that she had been raped repeatedly. Her own brother wouldn't leave her alone and was going crazy trying to hump her.

Saturday morning I bathed her. Then I took her into the car. She didn't know what to make of it but she settled into the car pretty well. So well, in fact, that after the visit to the vet, when I brought her home, she jumped right back in and settled herself at the driver's seat, only coming out when I brought out her lunch. Yes, she jumped out of the car eagerly for that.

The vet visit went fine. Many people admired her fine black coat and smiled at her. I told them her story, that she was a stray who had been dumped with her brother as puppies in our area. Because of her markings, everyone agreed that she had Rottweiler blood. That would account for how fierce she is to threatening strangers, rats, cats, squirrels. But if you're kind to her, she's so sweet. She licked Dr Adah's hand.

Dr. said we couldn't do the operation while she was on heat but would have to wait for a month. She scheduled the spaying for June 20. In the meantime, she said, she could give Sylvie her first vaccination. As for that randy brother of hers, she asked me to bring him in on Thursday (that is today). And he would undergo the big cut as well as a scrotal ablation.

He is going crazy right now trying to get to his sister. I have taken to throwing water on him whenever he starts shaking the gate. What can I do? It's not that he's heartbroken about being separated from her. He just wants to hump. Dr Adah told me that it would take a month before the hormones finally leave his system and after he recovers from the castration and ablation, he would still want to hump. And would still probably have some sperm left to do it with.

Dadda is naturally, not happy. He is wondering how long I am going to keep the female one here. He is afraid she will start to regard it as her home. It has become really difficult to take her out because her brother comes bounding along trying to hump her every step of the way. She growls, snaps and bites him, to no avail. She licks Elliott's face because he is the only male dog not interested in participating in these randy kiddy games. Well, he was castrated a long time ago. No more sperm or hormones there to do any damage.

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