Monday, 18 May 2015

Week 20: Be Awed By Life

This week's exercise is intended to be fairly simple but you may find it hard to do. It begins by taking time to consider the miraculous in everyday things.

If you get a cut, how is that it can heal? In biting into a fresh apple, how is it that it was grown? In smelling a flower, how did it get its fragrance?

Be filled with awe and wonder this week, even at the simplest of things. In fact, be filled with awe and wonder at the MOST simplest of things.

Having practiced this for a few days, take time to write about one of your awe-inspired moments. If you are keeping a kindness journal, make this your writing prompt for the week.

Next, before the week has ended, share this story, either in writing or in person, with someone else. In doing so, be filled with awe and wonder that someone is able to read or listen to your story, and that you are able to tell it.

It's incredible, isn't it?

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