Thursday, 25 June 2015


What this blog needs...more vanity. So, with that in mind, here's a treat to all my fans. All one of you. (Btw, sorry, am I allowed to refer to you as a fan? Are you just a sometimes stalker?)

Let's start with the glamour shots, shall we? There are few enough of them...I got day... as I wandered the floors of MidValley Megamall, unbathed and dishevelled...and here's what they did to me.

And then, because five layers of makeup was not enough, they kindly photoshopped my picture. Don't I look simply fetching?

There are more...but I want to get down to the other shots of me...the non-glamour ones...keep your seats, you're in for a treat, scroll on down...

How's this for size?

Or this? Glamorous enough for you? I swear it was not photoshopped.

And then there's this:

Gosh, I'm having so much fun. Are you? (Please do comment...the lack of commenters on this blog sears my very soul!)

Oh look, another one...

Jeez, she does not look happy does she...not a morning person, are we Jenn?

At least I'm smiling here. But what's with the pink hat?

More pink-hatted pictures.

Another hat. Not pink.

Funny story. It was a Friday. I was skiving off work with my good friend Nits. Ended up buying the hat but not the coat (so now you know).

Distractingly sexy in a bunny suit. Ignore the two dudes on either side (that's right, that's me in the middle, couldn't you tell?)

I know how to smile.

Really I do. Also I can look corporate on occasion.

But most of all, I like to carouse.

And pose in front of places to carouse...a cold Boston day...almost but not quite spring.

Here I am in Chicago...feeling even colder.

I also like to eat. Char kueh teow.


And write letters.

Look at me there, getting in on.

Years ago, I used to be younger.

And thinner.

But then I grew up and out and up and out...hahahaha...well not so much up.

So long folks...and thanks for all the fish.

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