Monday, 15 June 2015

Week 24: Practice Common Courtesy

Having good manners, being nice, and otherwise practicing common courtesy demonstrates respect for self and others. This week's exercise is to increase your awareness of this by acting on those every day opportunities to practice common courtesy.

So hold doors open for people, smile, say thank you, and be friendly. You know, do those tiny extra things it takes to be nice to others.

This exercise may seem simple at first glance, or even not that significant. But give it some extra thought as you go about your usual routine. If you fully engage in it, you very well may have a transformative experience and, like ripples that spread out when a pebble is dropped in a pond, you will positively influence others.

To really solidify your experience, take time each evening to review your day. In your journal, answer these questions:
- What "extra" things did you do?
- How hard was it to do them?
- What kind of reactions did you get from others?
- How do you feel?

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