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A Vision Of The Future For Man

This is a chapter from Healer's Journey Into Light. I read the book in the 1990s and bought a whole bunch of them and gave them out to my friends. My own copy got lost when a friend borrowed it to send on to a fiancé who had dumped her. It didn't work. He didn't come back. But he didn't send the book back either. And for years, I have looked for it, and tried to find it on Google and then finally, there it was on Google Books for only about RM40. And last night as I was in a taxi that I had successfully ordered from MyTeksi (it was probably the most painless taxi-ordering experience I ever had), reading this particular chapter (it was past 9pm and it was dark in the cab and the only thing I could read was my phone and luckily, the book happens to be in my phone). And this is the chapter I was reading. And I thought, hey I want to put this up on The Bright Side. So this is why you are reading it here.

The most exciting part of this great adventure, mankind's journey back to God, is about to commence. We have left the infant school and are entering the junior level of our progression. The Piscean Age brought all our emotions to the surface, teaching us many lessons. Hopefully we have, to some degree, managed to control the passionate fires, which in the past stampeded through our physical and spiritual bodies. Our astral vehicles should, by this time, be well developed and more restrained. The Aquarian age will focus new energies upon us, enabling us to begin to build strong mental bodies. This era will allow us to take a huge step forward, and our potential as "Gods" in the making will advance a stage further.

The earth, however, will not be so heavily populated as it is today. We will no longer feel the need to procreate in large numbers. Our sexual appetites will have diminished and our cravings for carnal pursuits will have faded. We will still enjoy liaisons, but in a more tender and gentle manner. We will learn to give as well as to receive. The true relationship between men and women, or even between the same sexes, will be understood. We will work to create from the mental level, instead of the fervent astral plane. Our love will till be intense, but at the same time, dispassionate. This love will become unconditional and universal, not just reserved for a few close friends and family. Our bodies will become purer temples for our souls and our reproductory systems will only be used to bring into incarnation those members of humanity who can benefit from the Aquarian Age. A large proportion of mankind will be left behind, because they will be unable to adapt to the higher vibrations being poured down onto mother earth. You will again see, therefore, how important it is that we bring our minds into line with our hearts NOW and not at some future date. The stragglers of our race will, of course, progress on the upward spiral, but it may be on another planet in some far-flung corner of space. I do not mean to frighten, only to quietly warm and sympathetic heart to make the grade and enter into the new age.

We are, at the moment, only using a very small portion of our brains. This wonderful computer has countless cells just waiting to be of service to us. Everything we have ever experienced is stored somewhere within this wonderful instrument. Nothing has been lost, but we have to mature sufficiently, to fully appreciate the pictures that will be shown to us. Unfortunately, mental simulation and growth will bring its own problems. The depressions and mental instabilities which are with us now, will continue far into the new age. Our treatments should, however, have advanced by leaps and bounds. An Aquarian will have, intuitively more insight into the cause of his own problems and if he is unable to put it right himself, there will be a wide variety of therapies open to him. Counsellors working with problems of the mind, will be operating from a high mental level. They will have access to the akashic records and will see plainly what the effects of past karma is having on their patient. There will still be a need for trained surgical specialists but complementary therapists will take their rightful places alongside the physicians.

Natural cures and remedies will become the normal rather than the alternative methods. We will gain considerably more knowledge about the use of plants and herbs, with fields and meadows being given over for their growth. Etheric healing, similar to the method described earlier in this book, will be used as a preventative and diagnostic tool. Colour healing will be widely used as a ray treatment, in combination with a psychological analysis of the qualities contained within the rays, appropriate to that particular patient. Large sunny treatment centres will be open to all of humanity, combining sports facilities with massage, sauna and all known healing restoratives.

Slowly, over the years, man will lose his fear of death. His understanding of the other planes of existence will increase, bringing with it wisdom regarding his own immortality. Instead of doom and gloom, funerals will be replaced by celebrations of joy and happiness. We will have acquired the ability to slip gently out of our physical frame where our terms in the schoolroom of earth has finished. Once we lose our horror of death, then we will have no further need for spare part surgery to keep us alive. Organ transplants will be ancient history and all animal experiments will cease. The animal realm will be given back its dignity and all exploitation in circuses and zoos halted. They will forget their fear of humanity, allowing us to walk amongst them, learning to communicate with this kingdom. Domestic pets will decide for themselves whether or not they want to share our homes. With freedom for the animals will come deliverance for mankind.

Our diet will also reflect our health. As we move further into the new age, the Aquarian will stop killing his brother for food and all people will be vegetarians. The slaughterhouses will be replaced by large organic farms. With a smaller population to feed there will be no starvation anywhere on the globe. We shall have more room to spread ourselves, so each household could have a large garden and be self sufficient if they wished. I believe, however, that most of us will live in groups, sharing and providing for each other's needs on a global scale. Money will slowly lose its importance, as it will be divided equally, thereby forfeiting its power over our thoughts. Fertilisers and pesticides will be banned, leaving the way clear for insects and worms to bring balance and health to the soil once more. The age of throw away junk and chemicals will have passed, with recycling becoming a proven and basic law.

Teaching meditation and relaxation in every school will encourage healthy minds, bodies and spirits. In this way it will become a part of life and we will be able to explore not only other levels of consciousness, but other planets and past civilisations. We will begin to realise the enormity of the power, which lies within our higher minds. The young will no longer wish to take drugs or sniff glue, for they will achieve the same euphoria through contemplation. Slowly the atoms of our bodies will become lighter and more etheric. The atmosphere of the Earth will also lighten, as we travel the same road towards illumination. This is already starting to occur and many people are once again communicating with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom. There will be one government for the whole of the planet. Wars will die away and we will obtain the fulfilment of a prophecy, which is two thousand years of peace. Visitors will come from outer space and there will be a sharing of information and ideas. As well as world unity, we will accomplish universal unity. Spiritual growth will put an end to personal desire and ambition, allowing the spread of love and compassion, with each man helping his neighbour to climb onto the next step of the path.

Even in utopia, however, there is danger, as I was to discover when I fell asleep one night and experienced one of my walkabout dreams. I was met as usual by one of my guides and we journeyed to a distant planet that lay beyond our solar system. My first recollection was of walking through an archway, which had been carved and hand painted, reflecting beautiful and strange hieroglyphics. We passed under these writings and I found myself in a land of light and wonder, with a population that was calm and serene. Everybody seemed happy and content, with no stress or anxiety to ruffle the smooth waters of their lives. Their faces were composed and untroubled, but in a strange way lacked character, with a rather wooden expression. They were very polite, but they never seemed to touch each other or give any sign of love or affection. For a time I thought I had entered paradise, but then I slowly realised that something was very very wrong. Nobody really did a great deal or achieved anything. Their lives were static and terribly dull, just as if they had been standing still for eons of years. An attractive dark haired girl had joined us, who was also visiting this planet from another part of the galaxy. Before very long, she turned to me and said, "I can't stay here, I'm going home. This civilisation is dying of boredom, their planet has stopped evolving and will soon perish". She also added: "They have forgotten the words engraved on the archway." When I asked her to translate them for me, this was the message that had been recorded:

"Curiosity is the saviour of Wisdom. Complacency the slayer."

I had been given an accurate and authentic vision of a world and its inhabitants who had lost their ability to advance on the ever-expanding spiral of progression.

This is a lesson that man must never forget. It is our inheritance to surge onwards and upwards, towards the next goal, always striving to overcome the obstacles, which obstruct our pathway. In millions and trillions of years time, the ancient wisdom tells us that we will have reached the stage where we will have become Gods. We ourselves will then have the ability to create universes from our hearts and minds. "What happens to us next?" I hear you ask. At this celestial and hallowed level, I am sure that we will still advance to glories unknown and unimagined. Our infant minds are unable to conceive or envisage anything beyond this point but, as it stated over the archway, our curiosity will always urge us on to larger and more magnificent feats of achievement.

How, then, can man progress without the pollution caused by a large industrial community? With the birth of fewer people, wanting lesser commodities, the demand for huge factory units will diminish. We will again discover the satisfaction of handcrafted items. A system of bartering will return, whereby our simple needs will be met by various artisans working once more with the natural products of our Earth. Synthetic materials will no longer be considered practical or necessary. We are already discovering that certain plants can be grown and harvested in the fields to give us paper and fibre without the necessity to chip down our trees. Everything we require for our everyday use will be grown and nourished by an uncontaminated earth. The simple means of existence will be rediscovered.

Old mysteries from bygone cultures will once more come to light. Great and remarkable instructions to aid the future growth of humanity are buried at certain points around our planet. Some were concealed at the dawn of history by angels and helpers from other galaxies. Others were hidden by the priests of civilisations about to face extinction. In 1947, the Masters considered that it was time for mankind to unearth one of these buried "treasures". A Bedouin shepherd boy was looking after his goats on the western shores of the Dead Sea in Israel. Whilst clambering over some rocks he discovered the opening of a cave and, being curious, tossed a stone into its depths. His missile happened to smash into an object on the floor of the cavern, which was a jar containing parchment scrolls. The lost library of the Essenes was once more to see the light of day, after two thousand years. Following the first excitement and much elation in the world's press, most of the contents of these manuscripts disappeared from public view. What should have been a celebrated revelation was thought to be too controversial for general publication. It was decided that the contents of these Holy Scriptures would upset the theological opinions and dogmas of our churches. Once more truth was set aside in the mistaken belief that it would threaten the origins of Christianity. Once more we showed ourselves unready for the unveiling of any more progressive knowledge.

This situation will change, however, once our true potential as spiritual beings rises to the surface. A volcanic explosion under the sea will uncover some of the secrets of Atlantis. Buried deep in the bowels of the earth is an enormous crystal, whig was used by the Atlanteans as a source of power. It gave light to their homes and worked the machines needed to grind their corn and weave their clothes. It has even been hinted that it provided the energy required to fly machines through the air. When we have advanced sufficiently, this gift from our ancestors will be found, and will give us a clean and safe means of fuel and transport. It will combine its powers with the rays from the sun, bringing into operation the old key lines and ancient stone circle sites. As Mother Earth yields up her secrets, the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico will once more glow and radiate. The esoteric meaning of their construction is already being investigated as the mathematical genius of their exact measurements in relation to the sun and other constellations is appreciated. The chakras of Mother Earth are also being explored allowing us access to their inherent significance. It is said that Great Britain is the heart centre of the world, so she will spread the energy of her love all across the globe. America will develop as the throat centre allowing the next great spiritual thrust to come from her shores. In the far distant future, Russia will open up as the head centre, forming a magnificent triangle between these three countries.

The education of our children will incorporate all the mystical philosophies of the world, combining this with the history and geography of our lands. Science and mathematics will be used to prove the existence of other planes of consciousness, so the reality of these realms will be taught within our schools. Thought transference, healing arts, astrology and other occult sciences will all be part of their curriculum. The importance of laughter and recreation will be emphasised, making their classrooms ring to the sounds of happy, gleeful children. Colour, words and sound will play a large role in the development of future generations. They will be able to bring through images and compositions from the spiritual levels, whose brilliance we can only hope to glimpse in dreams during our existing age.

It has been prophesied that the reappearance of the Christ will occur at some time during the Aquarian Age. I have pondered long and hard as to what form this will take. I believe that it will happen physically, as well as in the hearts of mankind. The Christ is a representative of God's pure light, which is love, compassion, and devotion. Once this light has found its way into the hearts of men, then the road is open for the awakening of our brow and crown chakras. I believe that we shall meet the Christ on all levels of consciousness. He will bring with him a vast army of helpers both angelic, human and galactic. Keys will be given to us, allowing entry into certain areas of the mental and spiritual realms, bringing knowledge and enlightenment.

The Christ is not only an illumination for Christians; He is the light for every religion and spiritual organisation throughout the world. His second coming will unite every belief and creed under one banner. East will meet West in the understanding that every road leads, eventually, back to God. This in turn will bring together countries, races and cultures under one banner. Discrimination between nations, colours and sexes will be unknown. Instead of separatism we will have UNITY with humanity walking hand in hand towards an illustrious future.

As I have already mentioned in a previous chapter, the Master Kuthumi will act as a physical channel for the Christ Light during the coming golden age. He will not appear until we have brought to this earth a degree of balance, as it would be useless for Him to manifest while we still torture and abuse the other three kingdoms of nature. Man must stop fighting his neighbour and cease from creating thoughts of hatred and intolerance before he will be able to appreciate the teachings of this Ascended Master. His purpose on Earth during this age will be to lead us towards major initiations. This will not just happen to the chosen few; during the next two thousand years, mass initiations will occur, enabling mankind to march confidently into the next great Age of Capricorn.

This is the end of my story within the pages of this particular book. I hope the message that I have endeavoured to write will fill you with love and hope for the future. I ask you to join the ever-increasing band of pioneers, striving to avert the major catastrophes which have been predicted. Open up your hearts and act as a channel for the peace which passeth all understanding. Together we will unite with the Lord of our Universe, to bring in a future filled with joy and happiness. Let the heavens, and the whole of our galaxy, ring with the song of the Earth. Let the love from our hearts shine forth as a an inspiration for all travellers throughout the Universe.



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