Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Weekend Feasts (continued)

This weekend I made a dry mutton curry (I finally found the Malaysia cookbook wherein lies the recipe in the balcony of our JB house - thought that this book had been lost forever), asparagus belacan and a cocoa cake. The dry mutton curry and asparagus belacan turned out very well. They tasted so good that I'm afraid I was pretty greedy.

As for the cocoa cake - I left out the cream of tartar when I was beating up the egg whites (apparently it's supposed to let the whites set) and I left out too much sugar so it was not tasty. All that, and I forgot to get the ingredients for the glaze and improvised, as you see here. Despite all this...I think the weekend feast turned out pretty well.

I walloped the food and Dadda did too. But I had a reaction. It may be that during the weekdays I eat strictly healthy non-spicy food. And no meat. So well, let's just say that I may be planning chicken and fish dishes for the next few weeks to come.

Here are the pictures:

I think the whole point of this year is not that I have to make a spectacular success of everything I do, but that I should follow through on everything that I said I would. I know Dadda is happy to come along the weekend feast ride.

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