Thursday, 5 March 2015

Miracle Walks

One of my greatest gladnesses is going on what I call "miracle walks." This sis here you go out with no agenda or destination and say out loud or to yourself: "Miracle, find me now!"

Yesterday I went to my favourite beach to take a walk and asked for a miracle to find me. This time I used the words: "Show me miraculous people."

I arrived at The Warming Hut, a marvellous state park cafe right near the Golden Gate Bridge, and ordered my favourite sandwich. As I waited, I noticed that all the tables were full, except for one spot in between lots of people, so I wedged in there.

The two people sitting next to me - a woman with sparkly eyes and a young man of some succulence - were exhibiting a certain luminous energy. So I asked the woman about her soup, and she said it was delicious tomato basil and that she would be happy to share. I said that I'd be happy to share half my sandwich too.

So we happily shared.

The young man asked me how I was, who I was, and I leaned forward and answered: "I am just so madly in love with myself!"

The both laughed heartily and deeply and shared that they had just been at Grace Cathedral hearing about "finding the miracles in every moment" and that clearly this was one!

And so I had met my first miraculous people: Ann and her son Dodd from New Orleans and New York.

Two women at the next table were happily eavesdropping and asked me about the miracle moments and about loving myself.

We all began talking together and I discovered two more miraculous people: Alissa and Marianne, who run a nonprofit and were at The Warming Hut solving a business challenge. We all started discussing resources and serendipities.

I shared that I was SARK, who they knew and as it turns out, Marianne lives in my neighbourhood in San Francisco! Marianne then had a vision about Dodd, who is involved in New York theatre, and Marianne had a fabulous resource for him. I then had a vision about Dodd, and asked if he knew about parallel universes, and that we're all living in them, all different times in history stacked up next to each other. He did know about them and said that his off-Broadway play called Luck has a section in the middle about parallel universes!

I actually saw three versions of Dodd through history as he sat there - different ages, different clothes, same person. Dodd then realised that he also knew SARK. He had gone to Hawaii with a previous girlfriend trying to get a job at a Noni farm. While clutching the SARK book Succulent Wild Woman, his girlfriend had told him that they must apply for the position using the word "succulent".

They did get accepted at the Noni farm.

I told Dodd that he was a succulent wild man and that Dodd is a "succulent ass name".

His mom especially liked this.

By this point, other people at other tables started joining our conversation, including authors, artists, and one very loud poet.

Marianne and Alissa and I walked down the beach and continued our serendipitous conversation marvelling at the results of our respective "miracle walks" and miraculous people.

Recently, while creating this book, I got sick and while recovering, could only go on a tiny miracle walk - just a few hundred yards - close to my home. I stood on my front step and said: "Miracle, find me now."

And my next-door neighbour materialised, out walking her dog. I've known her for about 20 years but had never been inside her home. A few years ago, she completed a two-year total renovation of her building and invited me to see it, and it just never happened.

So she invited me this night, and I went in. I swear I heard angelic music playing as I looked up the curving wooden steps - like a snail shell leading up to her gorgeous loft-like living space. I immediately noticed that her kitchen table was the same as the one from my childhood, and that her cupboards contained the plastic horses I used to play with.

She let me take them out, and I played and marvelled that these toys from the '50s were in her home. I began to feel like I was in some kind of movie as she showed me around, and I saw her gleamingly beautiful closet full of what appeared to be costumes. I saw a huge computer screen and blurted out: "What do you do for a living?"

She smiled and replied that she designs Barbie doll clothes.

I was just glowing at the idea of this creative woman living and working right next door to me all these years and wondering, if we lifted off all the rooftops, how many other miracles, here in human form.

Remember to ask for miracles to appear, and then practice recognising them when they do. They are sometimes disguised as something unattractive or even ugly. Adjust your vision, and request more information.

Incorporate miracles and miracle walks into your life, and I promise that you'll be more delighted and able to more easily delight others.

(Glad No Matter What, SARK)

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