Monday, 23 March 2015

Week 12: On Sharing

What do you have that you can share? Begin right away, today, thinking about this.

Typically, in childhood, sharing has to do with toys or supplies or food, all of which are fine things to share in the spirit of this theme. But also consider things you can share that may not be material items, like your wisdom or knowledge.

Like the children's song "Magic Penny" that says when you give away love you end up having more, use this exercise to see how true sharing actually increases the amount of what's most important: love, joy, happiness. On the flip side, sharing hate and intolerance increases those things, too. Try to share less of those kinds of things this week.

So this week, share something positive and uplifting. And what the heck, try sharing something every day this week. Share a variety of things, including material things like a spoonful of your ice cream, physical things like a hug, and emotional things like your undivided attention. Tune in to those things you regularly share but you might not normally notice you do it.

Include as much of your new awareness about sharing in this week's journal entry.

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