Monday, 9 March 2015

Week 10: Do Something Kind for Yourself

So here we are, 10 weeks into our 52 weeks of kindness and we've come back to the exercise of doing something kind for yourself. Why?

Having had the experience you've had so far, I encourage you to seriously consider what being kind to yourself means to you. To understand this better, please take time to reflect on the past 9 weeks of activities, maybe by reading your journal on how you completed each of the exercises so far.

See if you find a nugget of truth in the idea that EVERY act of kindness you performed benefited YOU in some way, even the one intended for someone you do not like. If so, maybe you'll begin to see that EVERY kind thing you do in your life is an act of kindness for yourself.

If you buy that, that every act of kindness is actually an act of kindness for yourself, then what will you do this week to complete this exercise this time? Consider what has touched you in the most profound way in the past 9 weeks. Feel free to repeat an act or expand on it. Whatever you choose to do, pay special attention to how YOU feel completing this act.

In your journal this week, write about your act AND how you feel.

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