Monday, 13 April 2015

Week 15: Practice Being Transparent

In the book The Transparent Self, author Sydney Jourard writes, "As soon as we become more transparent, we start to feel better." In the spirit of this quote, I encourage you to put into mindful practice the concept of transparency. In so doing, look for an opportunity for an act of kindness and then complete it.

Is it by being honest with someone when your temptation is to talk around the truth? If so, be honest using intelligence and tact. Is it by being honest with yourself, perhaps by recognizing a problem rather than pretending there isn't one? Or by saying no when you really want to say no, instead of saying yes?

In your journal, write about your experience this week and include the challenges you had. Were you able to be transparent consistently? Are there times when you really didn't want to be transparent? Be transparent in your journal.

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