Thursday, 16 July 2015


So I thought I'd take a time-out and just talk to you. Long time followers of this blog (all one of you) will notice that the selection has become a lot more eclectic lately. It used to be that I excerpted only feel good stuff...but now, I throw in anything and everything I find interesting. Sort of like a mishmash.

Among other things, it will give you some idea of the things I'm interested in or happen to be reading at the moment. I read a whole lot. And am intrigued by various things.

And I thought it would be a pity keeping it all to myself.

So I do two things.

I share stuff on this blog.

Or I send my friends books I have just read that I think they would like.

It helps keeps things going you know? I was told recently that my whole life revolves around work and that I really have to figure out other avenues of satisfaction. Now, let's see, I love preparing for Christmas. Normal years, I order stuff way in advance and take a lot of trouble with my gifts. Abnormal years I leave everything to the last minute and don't even care because there is too much I'm having to process.

How's this year looking?

Pretty normal so far. Although I haven't really decided where to spend it. Or who to spend it with.

The other thing I love is my dogs. They constantly infuriate me (I guess the two young ones don't know any better) but after the meltdowns, I cool down and sayang them. And sometimes, bathe them and run a comb through all that fur. Shed shed shed.

I also like writing letters although I have been pretty remiss about this lately.

I would like to tell you more of what I like...but, well, if you read this blog regularly, you would have figured all that out for yourself by now.

Later for you.

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