Monday, 13 July 2015

Week 28: Send a 'Thank You' card

The purpose of this week's exercise is to have you bring forward in your awareness the little things done for us by strangers, things that we often take for granted.

Take the first couple days to pay extra attention to this as you go about your day. What has to happen behind the scenes to make your everyday activities go smoothly? As a starting spot, think about the effort needed to get food to the shelves of the grocery store, or the work needed to keep the streets operating smoothly, or about the people who do your dry cleaning, pick up your trash, deliver your mail, etc.

You might find yourself thinking that since you pay some of these people for these services there is no need to thank them. Resist that urge and see the work they do for you as an act of kindness on their part.

By midweek, choose one of these people and send that person a thank you card.

In your journal, write about the person you choose for your thank you card. As you do this, you might yourself wanting to ask this person questions about their life. Do so!

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