Thursday, 24 December 2015

I Wish I Had A River

It's been a wild month. And I was disorganised. Cards sent out late. And not to everyone. So many last minute presents. And being late and being disorganised costs so much and some people who mean so much to me, well, I didn't get them something as special as they deserve. I threw money at the problem. And money, well money, never gives you what you want, does it?

So next year, I thought, maybe, just maybe, I could plan better. And I could keep the cost of the presents down. But up the value/meaning. It will take planning. A lot of planning. And I will have to start now.  Yeah, as early as all that.

A neighbour who has been avoiding me (he invited me over for whisky and I said I would go and I didn't and he was offended) walked his dog on purpose while I was sitting outside with Stella in my lap, playing with her, while Rose and Jane were at it in the house, and struck up a conversation. He asked if Stella was my latest acquisition.

I said yes, she was.

He then invited me to his house on December 30. Apparently it's their open house.

I sighed wondering what to bring...and then thought of those bottles left in my pantry after the office Christmas party, hosted at my house.

Yes, I would take one of those. And for a present? Something dog-related? I don't know them AT ALL!

I wish I had a river, I could skate away on...

Peace on earth. Goodwill to wo/men.

Merry Christmas.

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