Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I Feel So Blessed

Maybe it is time to take stock here rather than posting things other people have written. Well, it's been a good year so far. Yes, I make resolutions and then don't keep them, but I have decided to stop beating myself up about that. I simply resume where I left off when I have got myself back to me. It's working so far. There are so many pages of the novel written - certainly, I have gotten further on this than I have with anything else.

The diet is going well...because I force myself to follow it and eat healthy five out of seven days (and even in the last two days, I don't indulge as much) I find myself less achey and I sleep more soundly. All of which is good, real good. I haven't managed to regularise the walks (OK I did it all of two days this year - Jan 1 and 2) but you know, that's a work in progress.

The tapestry that I am making is much further along...if I continue to do it faithfully every day (OK I have not been faithful this month, not even close), I may actually finish it by this month. Or at least, early next month.

As far as my special SME pullout is concerned, most of the stories are in for next month (way early) and that is a cause for celebration. There is nothing like having the time to go through each story, quietly, breathing in, breathing out, making changes where necessary.

Do you realise that the way we normally set up our lives, the thing we lack is time? So we rush about vague and anxious, knowing that there is a whole lot of shit in store and not wanting to face it. So we self-medicate. With food, with alcohol, with entertainment - anything so we do not have to confront the enormity of the moment.

I know that there are big things in store this year. Big things that will be brought about by small quiet changes in my life. It's past the middle of the month and I already feel it...the changes.

I feel so blessed.

Thank you.

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