Friday, 2 January 2015

The Pivotal Conversation

Have you watched Begin Again? Yes? Did you love it? No? Why not? I thought it was a movie about moments of redemption. I would embed the moment of redemption right here but YouTube is not allowing me to share it. And after the moment of redemption we get the first iteration where the formerly hotshot producer approaches what he thinks is a young ingenue and offers to produce her and she rebuffs him quite cruelly. He deserves it. And he leaves.

And the second iteration is when he waylays her outside the bar and comes clean. Presents himself just as he is, no disguises. And this time, she listens. For ah, it may be that the young ingenue is wiser than you think.

Dan: OK, here's the truth. I couldn't have signed you even if I wanted to, you know?

Gretta (looking apprehensive): OK.

Dan: I didn't come from a signing tonight. I haven't signed anybody in seven years. My label's completely lost all faith in me.

Gretta: So why did you give me your card?

Dan: Force of habit. If I look homeless it's because I practically am. I left my home about a year or so ago. I'm sleeping on a shitty mattress in some shitty apartment. And I wasn't celebrating tonight. I was drinking my ass off, standing on a subway platform ready to kill myself. And then I heard your song.

Gretta chuckles mirthlessly.

Dan: Want to get a beer?

Gretta: Sure.

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