Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I've just written out a birthday card to an old lecturer; earlier I interviewed a woman who was a dynamo...I felt breathless just listening to her and thought...wow, there are people like that, people who don't get overwhelmed or depressed. People who can keep going and going, without breaking down; people who have it all together.

Last night I was at the Backyard pub with Sharon and Sue-Ann. Mark has added to his repertoire and I was blown away. Wow! Tomorrow, if I finish early enough (depends on what time we close), I'll go see him at Queens in Bangsar.

My life is full of trailing after Troubadours.

Thursday night. Saturday night. My friends are joining me on Saturday night...I'm looking forward to it.

I went with Addy last Saturday - it was kind of spontaneous and we didn't know the place but we ended up loving the place and (most of) the music...and just having a blast.

Sometimes, it's simple things that give you joy.

Other times, it's layers upon layers upon layers....tangled threads all interviewed, a scrap of poetry here, a splash of colour there...finding the perfect word to describe something...a phrase, an expression on someone's face. A sudden breeze that starts up and ruffles my hair.






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