Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Ghost of Okwandar

(it's late and I'm tired and can't think of anything else so, here...something I wrote when I was 14, for a class presentation, in the few minutes before bell-ring...you know, to indicate that school was about to start and we all had to get up and line up?)

'Tis about the Ghost of Okwandar
Who one day left his grave
to scare the people near and far
the cowards and the brave

He went to the nearest town
which was a cheerful place
and he put on his fiercest frown
ghastly was his face

One look at him the people screamed
in terror and in fright
out of the town they hastily streame
running with all their might.

In that town old Okwandar stayed
until one sunny day
a brave young man called Billy Braid
decided to chase him away

The fight was long and tiring
it lasted for ten whole days
Billy fought unyielding
Okwandar began to give way

At least there was a glimpse of hope
Okwandar had started to tire
and soon it really couldn't cope
and vanished in a ball of fire

The town is now a peaceful one
its scary past forgot
Billy Braid the Brave had won
another adventure he sought.


  1. Awesomely cool and silly! Man, how I wish I had those writing skills when I was 14--English was my worst subject. I still find writing difficult, it never seems to come easily. Billy Braid... could he be a mathematical hero, armed with his trusty tangle calculator and a magical rope of many crossings?

  2. I envisioned Billy as a dashing young man...swashbuckling, brave and silly...of course...I didn't have time to envision anything...I was sitting in the hall scribbling away, trying to finish said poem before the bell rang for school. I went to the Convent...they were strict about a lot of things. A LOT OF THINGS!

  3. Yikes! My first stepfather went to a Convent school while growing up in Port Arthur, and has horror stories to tell about getting smacked around by the Sisters. That's funny--there's a quintessential goth band called Sisters of Mercy; products of the same school system, perhaps? I wonder if that perpetual strictness fosters any self-discipline at all, or instead breeds an abiding contempt for all rules, even remotely sensible ones? Gotta run.