Saturday, 21 April 2012


When you meet someone, be quiet and listen. If you listen carefully enough, you will hear - the music emanating from them. Sometimes, it's a little discordant, sometimes it's a lot. These people may appear attractive at first, but slowly you move away. Their music bothers you, leaves you feeling slightly out of sync.

Sometimes the music is sweet, the chirping birds....these are the innocent, you listen to them, you smile and you love their energy. You stick around.

And sometimes the music washes over you with its lostness and may be afraid and step away...such intense emotions are not pretty...they are...larger than life and life is supposed to be manageable, bite-sized. So we step away from them, but read their books later, and marvel at their words....such beauty, such tortured beauty.

And then there is the rageful music, the crashing waves, the swells, electric thunderstorms...we love this music, sometimes. Just like we love to watch thunderstorms, sometimes. We listen, we smile, we leave. Don't get too close, or you'll get burnt. Don't get too close, or you'll get annihilated.


And then there's the healer's music which steals around us, like fingers of colour licking away at the painful spots, the hurt bits. This music we either love. Or resent. Maybe we want to go on feeling hurt. Or maybe, we're ready to heal. We stay around these people and their mother energy reaches out, soothes, a wordless lullaby....

So the next time, you meet someone...listen to their music...and if you want to, try to sing in tune.

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