Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Esther and I went to watch Libera last Saturday, which was Holy Saturday. I had been googling, as any good obsessive would, and when my glad eyes did behold, that they would be performing in Singapore. On Holy Saturday, no less....so of course I called my good friend whose birthday is around that time...and asked if she would like to go. I had sort of got her hooked on Libera...although she was only hooked on one song, Goodnight My Angel (which they didn't play at the concert)...but it was so great...and the little boys were so cute.

Hello, I'm Nano Ben...

And I looked around and marveled at the crowd. Libera had not been advertised at all...in fact, if I hadn't found news of their concert on their own website, I wouldn't have known about it. The Esplanade, where the concert was being held, did not have a single promotional poster to advertise it. Not one!

And yet, when the boys were done and the show was over, there was a standing ovation (they did Exultate as an encore) and then a line stretching to forever for autographs. As they were little boys and some of them looked really tired (and besides, they would only be doing autographs for an hour and I didn't think they would even get halfway through the line in that time) we didn't stick around.

I heard this song, Eternal Light, for the first time at the concert. Then when I came back and went to their official website, I found it was their latest video.

Josh wasn't there, neither was Tom or little Ben (who is different from Big Ben and Nano Ben) but the little ones were adorable, (oh yeah, Josh's little brother was there, but he was not as magical as Josh of the pixie ears) the big ones were talented...and those monkish robes were just the thing. As one of the little ones (I think it was Barney Lindsell) said, it's their signature.

I loved the way they played with light...sometimes they seemed to be almost bathed in it - it didn't illuminate so much as drench...and sometimes it was soft, like the light coming out a monk's cell. During their first song - Jubilate - there were snowflakes falling on a large screen in the background...and the boys seemed to rise higher and higher...trick of the light but what a wonderful trick it was.

One miracle: Esther and I found our way there with nary a hitch.

Another miracle: We found our way back again.

There and back again...like the hobbit...except that instead of adventure...we just had fun, fun, fun. Who ever thought fun could be clean, and glorious and in Latin (of course we don't speak Latin to each other, but we're quite used to singing it)

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