Monday, 16 November 2015

Be Open To Direction

This week, allow yourself to be open to direction, which means trusting that an opportunity for kindness will find you. When it does, complete it. To allow this to happen, it's best to relax and trust that it will happen. That's the being open part.

When the opportunity does find you, engage in the kindness fully and mindfully, taking steps to complete the action in the way it is meant to be done. See this action as having an integrity and it is your job to honor it. Additionally and for further practice with this concept this week, act on many of the small, spontaneous opportunities for kindness that are regularly presented to you.

In your journal, write about anything that you find meaningful or profound this week, be it a statement made, a newspaper article read, a scent, an aspect of nature, etc. Reflect on each of these things and ask yourself what is the message behind them. Those things that are profound to you are providing you direction.

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