Friday, 6 November 2015

I feel loved

I guess you've missed me, huh? My own words, and not just other people's plonked here to save me the trouble. Well, not to save me the trouble exactly...each post is carefully considered and when I come across things I would like to share or post here for posterity (so I can come back at some future date and retrieve it) I do.

I've had lots of ideas about what to post but sadly, I can't remember any of them.

No, my mind is a sieve and I stare into space for hours on end, trying to psyche myself up to clear that story, or write that story or make that plan. You know.

The thing is, to focus.

The thing is, to count my blessings (and there are many, believe me, many).

Like my friends for instance.

Recently I was ill. I lay exhausted in my bed, so exhausted that I switched off my phone because if anyone had bothered me at the time, I would have burst into tears with sheer irritation and frustration. I just wanted to....lie there, close my eyes, shut off my brain...lie there.

And this going quiet so alarmed everyone (come off it, it was a Sunday for crying out loud) that I got an outpouring of love and concern and help and leeway, the next day.

I felt loved.

I feel loved.

I know that I am.

And that's a good feeling.

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