Saturday, 5 September 2015

Bridget's Christmas Card to Gary, Her Builder

Over the next three days I will be featuring Christmas cards written by Bridget Jones when she was one over the eight (in other words, off her face with drink). I include them because they are funny. I think everyone should write a letter when they are drunk and not just update their Facebook. It would make the world a better, well, if not better, at least a more interesting place.

Dearest Gary (Gary was her builder who hadn't completed his work, leaving a hole in her wall and who was now in jail because she had sent him a lawyer's letter about the uncompleted work and he responded by, well, by sending her a live bullet),

I know that your job as a builder is very different from mine. But I totally respect that, because it is a real craft. You make things with your hands and get up very early in the mornings and together - even though the infill extension isn't finished - we have built something great and beautiful, as a team. Two very different people, and even though the hole in the wall is still there - after nearly eight months! - I can see the growth of the project through it. Which is wonderful. I know that you are in prison, serving your dues, but soon the time of that will be over. Thank you for your card about the bullet and the fishing and I really, really forgive you.

I feel very close to you now, both as a craftsman, and as a man. And if anyone deserves joy an a real creative charge in the coming year - even in prison - it is you.

With love,


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