Monday, 14 September 2015

Week 37: Give Away Something That You Value

Think about the various material possessions that you've acquired over the years, paying special attention to those that you've had for a long time, remain important to you and have value. In your journal, make a list of these items, continuing until you have at least 15 items on your list. If it helps you get to 15, include things that you might not normally consider, like a favourite book.

Next, review your list and imagine who you'd like to inherit each item on your list if you were to die soon. To solidify this, write each person's name next to the item in your journal. Having done that, choose one of these items and give it to your person of choice. Do so in a way that honours the significance of the gift, be it over dinner, or in some private manner.

In your journal, reflect on the experience of letting go of something you value by giving it away. Can you identify any benefit of having done so?

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