Monday, 21 September 2015

Week 38: Find the Positive in a Difficult Situation

For this week's action, review an event in your past that caused you to suffer at the time of it. As your comfort level allows, review the event in detail, perhaps even taking time to write or talk to a trusted friend about it.

Next, take stock of what has come since that event, specifically because of it. Be gentle with yourself as you do this, and, if necessary, be a little bit creative. If it helps, pretend the situation didn't happen to you, but to a character in a movie.

Finally, as a concluding action, allow yourself to express gratitude for the event because of what has entered your life due to it. Express this in your journal.

Perhaps you met someone you otherwise would not have met. Perhaps you learned how to respond better to a person or situation you found difficult. Please do not choose anything that causes you undue pain.

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