Saturday, 12 September 2015

Letter from Jackie

This is a letter Jackie sent me, more than 10 years ago, when she had just gone to England and was studying. I think it was in her first year. Although it may be in her second. The words you are finding difficult to read in speech bubble from the head of God is: "Something tells me this thing's only half-baked". It was a cartoon by Gary Larson, of course, which Jackie copied and sent to me. Why? Here's the letter:

Dear Jennifer,

I thought and I thought and I thought...and then I thought some more and I came to the conclusion that what the world needs to be happier place, is for people to receive Gary Larson cartoons in the mail.

This is what I was up to on Saturday, after I hung up the phone and when I was supposed to be working on my seminar.

I even considered putting up a cartoon on the OHP and explaining it. I'd call it comic appreciation class.

Anyway hope this brightens up your day, or its back to the drawing board again.

Lots of love,

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