Sunday, 13 September 2015

Letter from Juliet

This letter made me laugh for hours when I got it 22 hers ago. Now, it just makes me sad...

Dear Jennifer,

Hi! How are you? Oh I'm okay. How's K.L.? How's work? How are your friends? How is this and that? Fine I hope.

I'm writing to tell you what a PAIN Jackie is at night. People try to sleep also cannot. Now, yesterday, was my turn to feed the dogs. Okay, the rice was boiling. So while it was boiling I thought I could sleep. But noooo. Somebody haaad to keep me awake by singing sweet lullaby's. I was covering my face with a cushion while she was singing "Hey wolf face it's your worst nightmare. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. So the wolf is dead as you can plainly see, So thats the end of the story for you and me." So you can imagine what it was like, right? Hearing a walkman that's batteries are going wearing. Hearing "Let me lay my healing hands on you" and then feeling icy cold hands touching my face. I'm telling you. It's not the wolf's worst nightmare! It's MINE! JACQUELINE C. JACOBS. I fell like running for cover, raising the alarms, calling the police, calling the ambulans. Okay enough about Jackie. Let's talk about me. How am I you ask? Okay let's give you an update. A new batch of trainees have arrived. Yeech! Lot's of exams coming up. Yeech. Lots of activities coming up. Yeech. Lot's of competitions. Yeech. Lots of music lessons. Yeech and Yeech. You know after you left, holidays were over, and our birthdays were over. It was kind of boring and I've nothing to look forward to at all. Except you coming down in a while. Oh dear! 6.20 already better go now. Todalloo, Adios, Selamat tinggal. See you soon. Don't be a stranger and lastly Bye BYE.


PS: The other paper is your early birthday present. Happy early Birthday!

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