Saturday, 13 December 2014

Balancing Nature Karma with the Emerald-Green Ray

The emerald-green ray is excellent for helping to balance karmic condition with nature. Karma with nature works a little differently from other types of karma, but you can most definitely create karma with nature when you misuse it. This meditation is designed to help redeem negative energy created from misusing nature.

Envision an emerald-green light down-raying from the golden sun above your head. See this energy encircling you, uplifting all levels of your consciousness. Ask that this vital energy balance your relationship with nature and all the kingdoms of nature. Feel that you are a part of nature - its crowning glory.

As this emerald-green light enters gently through the top of your head, it activates the centre in the middle of your head, filling your thoughts with this radiant energy. You feel at one with nature, in rhythm with the divine pulse beat that flows through every kingdom of nature. Any misconceived thoughts regarding the relationship between nature and yourself are released.

Then see the emerald-green light flow into the centre in the middle of your throat, activating your speech pattern with balance and harmony, releasing any discordant or abusive words related to nature.

Then see this energy entering into the Hermetic Centre in the middle of your chest. Let it fill all areas of your personal affairs with this divine power. If you have initiated any action that was harmful to nature, ask that this emerald-green light harmonise this discordant energy and bring your relationship with nature back into balance. Then see this light touching all your soul levels, building up the karmic soul energy and increasing your appreciation of nature. Stay in the silence for a moment as the light is doing its job.

Then see this emerald-green light down-raying into the centre in the solar plexus near the navel to harmonise your emotions. Ask to redeem any carelessness or insensitivity when it comes to nature. Feel the unconditional love between nature and yourself.

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