Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Healing Karmic Relationships with the Deep Rose-Pink Ray of Spiritual Love

The deep rose-pink ray is one of the most potent spiritual powers there is. It is the very embodiment of Divine Love. The energy is indispensable in any relationship and it is especially important when working through any karmic entanglements with others.

Envision a luminous deep rose-pink light down-raying from the golden sun above your head. You feel its warmth and tenderness as it encircles your aura, embracing you in the glow of the light. You feel at one with God. You sense that this light is saying that you are never alone; God is always with you.

Then see this light gently down-raying through the top of your head and enveloping the mental centre in the middle of your head. This deep rose-pink light infuses all your thoughts with love, releasing any unkind thoughts you have directed to others or any unkind thoughts directed at you.

Then see this light touching your subconscious mind to release and to heal any old hurts or wounds of the past, whether in this or a past life, connected with any person or situation. You feel yourself letting go of any old animosities into this loving light.

Then see this Divine Light touching the spiritual centre in the middle of your throat, healing any unkind verbal exchange with others whether initiated by you or someone else. Let the deep rose-pink light fill every word you speak with love.

Then see the deep rose-pink light down-raying into your Hermetic Centre in the middle of your chest. Feel your heart warming and softening with this light. If you have been holding back your love for whatever reason, feel all of that dropping away. Let every exchange with others come from a place of love - the unconditional love of God. Surrender any sense of judgement or condemnation. Let your heart beat with every heart of spiritual love. Hold in the silence for a few moments to let the light of love do its work.

Then ask that the deep rose-pink light go to any person you owe karma or any person who owes karma to you to redeem your actions and bring everything into the light and love of God so that this karma can be resolved to the benefit of all concerned. Ask for strength, guidance and courage in any karmic relationship that feels difficult to bear. Once again hold in the silence for a few moments while the light is doing its work.

Then see this loving ray down-raying into the spiritual centre in the solar plexus area near the navel. Ask that every emotion be bathed in the light of love, healing any emotional hurts or resentments. Ask to be released from any false sympathies, energetic tie-ins or hook-ins so that you are in your own emotional centre. Let your emotions feel the joy of this love, how it nurtures you and makes you feel one with God.

Then see this light out-raying through the physical body, letting every aspect of the body drink in this love. then see this energy out-raying through the mental template to fill it with spiritual love. And then see this light out-rating through the causal template, uplifting it in the light of love.

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