Sunday, 7 December 2014

Karmic Cleansing and the Orange-Red Flame

Over the next few days I will be featuring a series of meditations I found in the book Karma and Reincarnation. I believe that if more people do them, charging and cleansing their energy, they will be affect to affect their immediate surroundings in a positive way, and as the lights join up, their countries and perhaps the world.

With all the darkness and the sadness in the world, I think we sometimes believe that nothing would make a difference.

Practise these exercises (as an experiment) and see if you're right.

Before you do any of the following exercises, here is the setting up:

Begin your meditation by envisioning a golden bubble of protection all around you. Feel very safe and supported through this process. Recognise that God loves you and is helping you. Close your eyes and envision a golden sun about two feet above your head. This golden sun is radiating a beautiful golden-white light. It is your own Higher Self that is in direct connection with the divine realms. As you put your attention in this part of you, let go all worries or concerns. Simply feel the Divine Love and the holiness of this sacred level of consciousness.

Once you have established the golden sun above your head, you are ready to start working with spiritual energy.

The first exercise has to do with karmic cleansing the Orange-Red Flame:

The first step in releasing karmic energy is to do a spiritual cleansing. This cleansing can be general or specific to a particular karma or condition you are working through.

Envision a radiant orange-red flaming light down-raying from the golden sun above your head. Sense this energy surrounding you and releasing any negative, disturbing energies. Feel this negative energy being released from you and taken to the mineral kingdom and dissolved in the light. You feel a sense of freedom from anything that has been weighing heavily on you.

Then see this orange-red flaming light gently enter through the top of your head to a spiritual centre in the middle of your head. See this energy purifying all your thinking, releasing any disturbing, obsessive, and unhealthy thoughts. Release any thoughts that you have generated and any thoughts that others have projected onto you that are not of the divine. See that negative energy dissolved in the mineral kingdom in the light.

Then ask that this light be taken into the subconscious mind, releasing subconscious memories and patterns that are detrimental or are creating any disturbance in your life. Feel the light gently cleansing those areas, freeing you.

Then see this cleansing energy touching a spiritual centre in your throat, releasing words that you have spoken that were not in the Divine Light or words spoken to you that were not in the Divine Light that you accepted or reacted to. See all negative energy being dissolved in the mineral kingdom in the light.

Then see the orange-red flame touching your heart chakra - the Great Hermetic Centre. Give this energy permission to touch deep into this centre, releasing burdens or pressures. Let this light out-ray into every avenue of your human Earth affairs, purifying persons, places, things, conditions, and situations and the conditions that constitute the situations. Feel any obstructions or obstacles in your life dropping away.

Then ask that this divine light of purification touch the soul images around your Hermetic Centre, releasing any heavy karmic energy surrounding them. Hold in silence for a few moments while this light is doing its job. Ask that all negative energy be taken to the mineral kingdom and be dissolved in the light.

Then envision the orange-red flame light down-raying into your abdomen/solar plexus area and into a spiritual centre near the navel. Ask that this purifying light release negative emotional energies. Let the light purify confusions, irritations, frustrations, anxieties, fears, angers, and resentments. Let this light cut loose any emotional entanglements with other people. Ask those negative energies to be taken into the mineral kingdom and be dissolved in the light.

Then ask that the orange-red flaming light out-ray throughout your physical body, releasing all stresses, illness, fatigue, discomfort that you might be feeling. Ask that this light continue to out-ray through the mental template, purifying disturbing mental energies lodged in the mental template. Ask that all negative energies be taken into the mineral kingdom and dissolved in the light.

Ask that this energy continue to out-ray throughout your causal template, dissolving any negative energies connected to the soul levels. See any negative energy being dissolved in the mineral kingdoms in the light.

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