Monday, 8 December 2014

Replenishing Your Aura With the Blue-White Fire

After any type of spiritual cleansing, it is important to replenish yourself. One of the most powerful spiritual energies to accomplish this is an energy called the blue-white fire. It looks like the sapphire blue flame on a stove top with radiant streaks of white light moving through it. In this reflective meditation, you will be asking the light to charge and recharge your aura with new life force and to heal any troubled areas.

Envision a powerful blue-white fire light down-raying from the golden sun above your head. This energy has an immediate uplifting and transforming quality. You feel strengthened and renewed in this vitalising power. See this energy encircling your aura, charging and recharging you in a clockwise motion. Whatever was released by the orange-red flame is now being replenished by the blue-white fire.

Then see this blue-white fire gently entering the top of your head, reaching that beautiful spiritual centre within your head. Ask that all your thoughts be charged and recharged in this life-giving light. You feel and sense this blue-white fire replenishing every corner of your mental self, bring forth new, fresh ideas and inspiration, a fresh outlook on life. Any tired or stressed areas are wonderfully uplifted in this holy light. Feel this light nourishing every brain cell to respond to the impulse of mind.

Then gently ask that this light be directed to your subconscious mind to charge and recharge it in a clockwise motion. Feel a new influx of spiritual power replenishing the subconscious mind. Ask that the blue-white fire cultivate fertile soil for new divine ideas to take root.

Then ask that the blue-white fire touch any past life experiences that were positive and uplifting and are relevant in your life at this time, Ask that this subconscious pattern be quickened and exhilarated in the light so that its beneficent attribute can come more to the fore in this life to help serve the divine purpose you are here to complete. Stay in silence a moment while this light is doing its work.

Then ask that the blue-white fire down-ray to your throat area and the powerful spiritual centre in the throat. Ask that the light charge and recharge every word you speak so that your words go out in spiritual tone.

Then ask that the light go to your Hermetic Centre in the middle of your chest. Here let it charge and recharge every avenue of your human Earth affairs, giving new life and vigour to all that you do. See this blue-white fire release any sadness or depression; you now feel hopeful and optimistic.

Then in deepest humility and reverence, see this light touching your soul levels to strengthen and brighten your karmic soul energy to the full degree of your need. Stay in silence for a few moments for the light to do its work.

Then see the blue-white fire touching the soul images surrounding the Hermetic Centre to give you more power to tune into and better accomplish all that is in your Tapestry of Life and to give you more power and insight to fully resolve all your karma you came to redeem.

Then see the blue-white fire light enveloping the beautiful centre in the solar plexus near the navel. Let this light charge and recharge all of your emotional nature, replenishing tired areas and healing any emotional distresses. Feel that your emotions are coming back into a strong centring and equilibrium and coordinating with all other levels of your consciousness.

Then see this light out-raying through your physical body, through every cell, charging and recharging this body in a clockwise motion. See this light healing any ill or disturbed areas, bringing forth perfect health and well-being.

Then see this light continuing to out-ray through your mental template to charge and recharge all of the mental activities going on and to accentuate all the positive, enlightened thought patterns. See this light out-ray through the causal template to uplift the soul and refresh it with the Holy Breath of God.

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