Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Redeeming Soul Karma with the Pure White Light

The pure white light serves many spiritual functions. It brings in the purity and holiness of God. This energy is excellent to work with to help strengthen and redeem soul karma character blemishes that are carryovers from past lives. It is also an excellent energy to work with when you know you have done something wrong and are trying to correct it.

Envision a radiant beam of the pure white light of God down-raying from the golden sun above your head. You immediately feel uplifted by this light as it encircles your aura. Feel its purity and power of redemption. You feel strengthened by this light and more in tune with the divine. You feel that with God all is possible.

Then see this light gently entering through the top of your head, touching the mental centre. Here the white light uplifts all your thought, illuminating you with the mind of God. Let it touch any dark corners of the mind so that the light can redeem you and bring this part of you back into the light. Let go of any unhealthy or unproductive habits or character traits into the light. Feel yourself surrendering any bad habits into God's loving hands.

Then see this light illuminating your subconscious mind, again shedding light into any dark corner and releasing any subconscious patterns that are adversely affecting you. Feel it all going into the light.

Then feel this light touching the spiritual centre in your throat to redeem any words that you have spoken that were hurtful to another whether intentionally or unintentionally. Ask that the white light go into your speech pattern to release harsh sound and to bring forth the uplifting sonorities of spiritual tone. Ask that the light help you to use words that are constructive and filled with Divine Light.

Then see the pure white light touching your Hermetic Centre to equalise, centre and attune all aspects of your personal affairs and action in the Divine Light of God. Ask that every step you take be in the rhythm with your divine purpose. See that white light going into your soul levels to strengthen the soul images ad karmic soul energy, uplifting everything in the purity of God and redeeming any dark corners by bringing them into the light.

Here take a few deep breaths and stay in the silence for a few moments while the light is doing its work.

Then ask that the light touch any weaknesses in your soul, to first bring them to your attention so you can work on them and to bring more spiritual power to strengthen the in the Divine Light.

If you know you have done something wrong, as the white light to diffuse any negative karmic energy created and give you more spiritual power to redeem yourself and take actions needed to set things right. As that this white light be projected into the vibrated ethers to derail any negative energy that you have set in motion and to bring everything back into balance. Ask for illumination for the right course of action. Stay in the silence for a few moments while the light does its work.

Then see this energy going to the spiritual centre in the solar plexus near the navel. Ask that it uplift all your emotional nature, releasing any regrets, remorse, guilt, or frustrations. Also ask that the light release any resistance to the light touching the emotions. Feel your emotional nature coming into alignment and feel yourself coming into the knowing that there is no sin past redemption and that you are always given a second chance to set things right. Feel a strengthening of your emotional power and an even stronger desire to pursue your goals in life.

Then see this light out-raying through the physical body, working into every atom to rarefy the physical framework. Then see this energy out-raying through the mental and causal templates, uplifting them in the light.

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