Friday, 12 December 2014

Harmonising Physical Karma with the Emerald-Green Ray

Physical karma can be trick. Illnesses and physical distress can be caused by physiological problems, by wrong thinking and feeling, and can be the result of physical karma. Regardless of the cause of your physical distress, it is strongly recommended that you use all means of healing at your disposal: medical, holistic, and spiritual. Working with the orange-red flame, the blue-white fire, and the white light is essential in helping to heal the body. In addition, a powerful energy that helps with physical karma is the emerald-green ray of balance and harmony.

Envision a glowing emerald-green light down-raying from the golden sun above your head. As this light surrounds your aura, you immediately feel that all parts of your consciousness and being are coming into balance - mind, body, soul harmony.You feel that you are tuning into God's divine rhythm.

Then see this energy gently entering through the top of your head and entering the spiritual centre in the middle of your head, filling your mind with thoughts of balance and harmony. Ask that this light dissolve discordant thoughts, especially disturbing thoughts regarding your health. Feel that your mind is harmonising with the mind of God and giving you the pictures of perfect health.

Then let this light reach into your subconscious mind to harmonise all of the subconscious patterns. Ask that this light release memories of past lives of physical abuse to you or to others, to cut loose memories of illness and physical distress. Ask that the emerald-green light harmonise good physical karma from past lives of physical accomplishments to help give you strength in this life. Stay in the silence for a moment while this light is doing its work.

Then see the emerald-green ray touching the centre in the middle of your throat, harmonising every word you speak so that you speak words of health and well-being. Ask that this light release disharmonious and disturbing words spoken to you that reinforced any false images of ill health.

Then ask that the Divine Light of balance and harmony down-ray to the Hermetic Centre in the middle of your chest, filling it with the emerald-green ray. Let this light out-ray into every avenue of your life, bringing your personal activities into divine rhythm and serving God's plan for you. If you are facing physical distress that is affecting your life, feel this light balancing those conditions.

Then see this energy touching your soul levels and helping to build up more spiritual power in your karmic soul energy connected to physical well-being. If you know you have abused your body or the bodies of others, ask for God's forgiveness. Through this light, ask that God give you the power to take better care of your body and to use it for the purpose it was intended for - to act as a vehicle of physical expression for your soul. If you are enjoying good physical karma, ask that this light rarefy the physical form to become a more eloquent expression of your soul. Stay for a moment in the silence while this light is doing its work.

Then see this energy down-raying to the centre in the solar plexus near your navel. Feel the emerald-green ray balancing your emotional nature. If you have been feeding life to your ills through your emotions, feel this light derailing those negative emotions and redirecting your emotional nature so that the emotions are now reinforcing and nourishing the body with healthy vibrations.

Then see the emerald-green energy out-ray throughout the physical body to heal and restore perfect harmony to every aspect of the material form. Ask that this light touch any area of the body that is affected by physical karma. Feel this light releasing dark areas and bringing in more spiritual power to distressed areas. Ask that this emerald-green light strongly go into the spine, releasing stresses and impingements, opening up the spiritual currents that flow up and down the spine. Stay in the silence for a few moments while the light is doing its work.

Then ask that the emerald-green ray out-ray through the mental and causal templates and also what is called the astral body to bring perfect equilibrium to all levels of consciousness.

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