Monday, 15 December 2014

Quieting the Consciousness with the Purple Ray of Peace

With the purple ray, you want to bring in peace to quiet your soul and consciousness. When in the midst of a karmic trial, your consciousness is going to be buzzing. Your head will be filled with all sorts of ideas about what is going on, and many of those ideas will be wrong. Quiet your mind and heart so you can hear what God is trying to say to you. When going through a trying time, you won't always know if it's karma but you know it's a difficult time. In your prayers say, "Whatever it is, God, here I am. I am ready to listen. I need the peace and need it strong."

Envision the deep purple ray of peace down-raying from the golden sun above your head. As it comes down, feel it enveloping like a blanket of peace and tranquility. Feel yourself letting go of all worries or concerns and relaxing in the still waters of peace. You are putting your life in God's loving hands. There is only peace - the peace of spirit. Take a few deep breaths to draw in this peace.

Then see this purple light of peace entering through the top of your head to the spiritual centre in the middle of your head. Your mind is filled with the purple ray of peace. You are letting go of your worries and letting God guide your life. Let your mind rest on the still waters of peace. Let this peace ray quiet mental chatter and tense and disturbing thoughts. Turn off the intellect and let your mind become a beautiful receiving station for the thoughts of God. Know that in the silence the soul is most ready to hear. Still your mind.

Ask that the purple ray touch your subconscious mind, quieting any disturbing memories from this or any other life that are causing distress. Let your subconscious mind come into harmony with your conscious mind and both come into harmony with the higher mind.

Then let this light down-ray into the centre in the middle of your throat to bring peace to the words you speak and that are spoken to you. Release words that have caused distress or harm either to you or to others.

Then envision this peaceful light entering your Hermetic Centre in the middle of your chest. Let it radiate throughout your personal affairs - your job, your relationship, your finances - bringing peace, peace, peace. Let your actions come from a place of peace and poise. Then let this light touch your soul levels to quiet the soul, releasing anxieties and restlessness. Let your soul rest on the still waters of peace so it can better tune in to the divine presence. Let this purple ray bring peace to your soul. May you feel at peace with your life and at peace with God. Stay in the silence while this light is doing its work.

Then see this energy down-raying to the spiritual centre in the solar plexus near the navel. Give permission for this purple ray to touch deeply your emotions, bringing you "The Silence of Peace and the Peace of Silence."Feel hyperactivity dropping away and your emotions resting on the still waters of peace.

Then envision this light out-ray through the mental and causal templates to establish divine peace throughout all levels of your consciousness so you are more receptive to what the divine has to say to you.

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