Thursday, 11 December 2014

Strengthening Good Money Karma with the Turquoise Ray of Abundance

The turquoise ray is the spiritual energy of prosperity. This power brings you into the consciousness of wealth. It helps you to release limited thinking and to think in unlimited terms. As a child of God, you are part of God's kingdom and are meant to partake of infinite abundance that is part of the Kingdom of God. This energy is very helpful in working through money karma, as it helps you to learn the spiritual lessons that money presents.

Envision a brilliant turquoise light down-raying from the golden sun above your head. Feel it uplifting you as it encircles your aura and consciousness. Whatever financial troubles you may be having seem to vanish in the presence of this light. This spiritual energy surrounds you in a good luck halo of wealth and well-being.

Then see this energy gently entering through the top of your head and quickening the spiritual centring in the middle of your head. You feel this turquoise light filling your mind with thoughts of wealth and prosperity. Thoughts of poverty or lack disappear and you feel as one with God's infinite supply.

You feel that this light is giving you the right pictures of how to use money for God's divine purpose. If you feel you have misused money, ask this light to redeem you and teach you the right use of abundance. If you are enjoying good money karma, ask this light to expand your wealth consciousness and show you the right channels of expression your wealth is meant to take.

Then feel this energy touching your subconscious mind, filling the subconscious with thoughts of prosperity. It touches into past life memories where you were wealthy and used that wealth for the greater good of humanity. It also touches difficult lives where you mishandled money or suffered poverty, releasing negative energy connected to those experiences. Stay in silence for a few moments while the light is doing its work.

Then see this energy down-raying to the spiritual centre in the middle of your throat. See this light activating every word you speak in the Divine Light of prosperity, releasing any words of lack or limitation, purifying any speech patterns of worry, fear, distrust, deceit regarding money matters. Ask that your words become the spiritual tone of prosperity.

Then see this energy down-raying to the spiritual centre in the middle of your chest - your Hermetic Centre. See this centre filling up with the turquoise ray of abundance and supply. Let it out-ray into every avenue of your prosperity, increasing present avenues of abundance and generating new avenues of prosperity. Ask that you become a living witness of God's great riches.

Feel this energy healing any areas of your life that are hurting financially. Ask that this energy release areas where you are holding back your prosperity flow out of fear, worry, greed, possessiveness. As this energy quickens your heart centre, let your kindness and generosity flow freely. Be generous and giving with others as God is generous and giving with you.

Then feel this energy touch deep into your soul levels and your karmic soul energy, redeeming money karma you may have accrued and building good money karma to greater heights. Ask this light to quicken soul images connected to abundance, brightening them in the Divine Light. Feel your prosperity is boundless. Your cup is truly running over with God's great riches. Stay for a moment in the silence as the light is doing its work.

Then see this energy down-raying to the spiritual centre in the solar plexus area near the navel. Let this light touch deep into your emotional nature so that you are emotionally in agreement with this divine power. Feel wealthy. Feel like you are a mighty monarch. Let this light dissolve frustrations, fears, anxieties related to money matters. If you now you have done something wrong when it comes to money, ask God's forgiveness. If you have cheated, stolen or lied for monetary gain, ask for God's forgiveness. If you are stingy or possessive with your money, ask for God's forgiveness. If you have been reckless or careless or mismanaged money, ask for God's forgiveness. Feel that through this light, God is giving you a fresh opportunity to build and freely express your divine prosperity. Stay in the silence for a moment while the light is doing its work.

Then feel this light out-raying through your physical body so that you feel rich and abundantly healthy in body as well as mind and soul. See this energy out-raying through your mental and causal templates, filling them with the turquoise ray.

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