Sunday, 14 December 2014

Building Good Career Karma with the Golden Ray of Wisdom Light

There are many dynamics to consider when it comes to career. One of the most important is the recognition that, through your chosen pursuit, you are contributing to the divine plan and fulfilling your life's purpose. Dynamic power is essential to help you work through those obstacles and make a career flourish. In the same way, if you have been ruthless in your career pursuits, it is essential to redeem and temper that aggressive attitude while at the same time continuing to put your best foot forward.

The golden ray of wisdom light is the strongest dynamic spiritual power there is. By working with this energy, you can strengthen and fortify your aura and consciousness. This power has a strong connection to the divine mind. When this energy is seen in the aura, it indicates that one has earned that wisdom through experience and application.

Envision the dynamic golden ray down-raying from the golden sun above your head. This power surrounds you in its dynamic power. All irritations and fears melt away in the presence of this holy light. You feel courageous and strong.

Then see this power gently entering through the top of your head, blessing the spiritual centre in the middle of your head. Feel your thoughts illuminated with wisdom and understanding. You feel decisive and confident, full of faith in God. All confusion drops away and you feel this golden light bringing forth clarity and insight. If you have been careless or ruthless in your career path, let this light redirect your thoughts along more compassionate and constructive lines.

Then let this golden light flow into the subconscious mind to strengthen past lives where your excelled in your career. Ask the power of this light to rekindle some of the knowledge and power to help you complete your life's task in this life. See this energy touching memories of a past life where you created karma and released negative karmic energy.

Then see the golden light down-raying into the spiritual centre in the middle of your throat. Ask that this light strengthen your spiritual tone so that you speak in the voice of spirit. Ask that through the words you speak, you accentuate your career potential and your spiritual purpose.

Then see this golden ray entering your Hermetic Centre in the middle of your chest, filling it with this dynamic power. Feel yourself full of confidence and self-assurance in your career. If your purpose in life is not clear yet, feel the inner recognition that you do have a definite part to play in the divine plan. If your purpose is already clear, ask that this golden light give you more power to complete the full breadth of your life's task.

Then see this energy entering your soul levels, redeeming weak areas in your karmic soul energy and building up good career karma to even greater heights. Ask that this light touch your soul images to strengthen the images of your career destiny and to brighten any difficult career karma that you need to resolve. Stay in the silence for a few moments while this work is being done.

Then see the golden light entering into the centre in the solar plexus near the navel. Feel your emotions strengthened in this light and giving you all the willpower you need to complete your career potential. If you feel discouraged or disillusioned, this power brings you hope and encouragement. If you feel lost or misdirected, this power gives you purpose and conviction. Ask that this vital power give you the strength to refuse the emotional energy of others who might be directing discouraging feelings toward you.

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